Bone Grafting in Venice, FL

Loss of bone in the jaw is one of the consequences that must be dealt with when a tooth is missing from the mouth. The degradation of bone starts as soon as the tooth is not in the socket anymore due to the absence of bone growth stimulation. This stimulation is naturally supplied by teeth and is created when teeth are used for chewing – but this can no longer occur when the tooth is gone. The first year of missing a tooth can result in losing 25 percent of bone matter in the area.

This can become a problem if you plan on getting replacement teeth in the future, such as dental implants that permanently replace teeth. If you don’t have enough bone matter for implants to be secured into place, your dentist may suggest bone grafting as an option to restore bone in the area and allow you to receive dental implants.

How Bone Grafting Works

The source of bone can be from the patient, a different individual, an animal, or it can be made synthetically depending on what will work best for your situation. Material – minerals like calcium, hydroxyapatite, and phosphorous – that is from animals or individuals is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before the grafting procedure. The graft allows bone to grow and eventually replace the material, which is absorbed by the body.

Each grafting procedure is different depending on the unique factors that encompass dental care for the patient. Some procedures take place after a tooth has been pulled from the socket while others are done after a tooth has been missing for a period of time.

Expand Your Dental Restoration Choices

Bone grafting makes it possible to get dental implants after you have lost a tooth and suffered severe bone loss. Because implants need to be inserted into the jawbone, it is important that there is enough material. Grafting provides stimulation and allows bone matter to grow so that implants can be used to replace teeth.

Your smile does not have to suffer due to tooth loss and other issues that prevent dental implants. Bone grafting can open doors and allow you to receive you need to restore your teeth.

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