Gum Disease Treatment in Venice, FL

The jaws and the gums play a very important role when it comes to supporting the structures that surround the teeth. If you allow plaque to build on the teeth, the bacteria will create acids that irritate the gums and lead to inflammation. This inflammation is the first stage of developing gum disease. Gingivitis can become even worse without treatment, leading to periodontitis. With the technology available at Steven J. Feldman Periodontics, you can get relief from the symptoms of gum disease and increase the health of your teeth.

Advanced technology allows procedures to be performed that remove bacteria from the teeth and gums to treat gum-related conditions and diseases. The personalized treatment provided in our office will give patients healthy teeth and restore oral health.

Laser Periodontal Therapy

Dr. Feldman is highly trained in using lasers to get rid of bacteria on the gums that causes diseases to develop. This procedure is only minimally invasive, so you will not have to go through a high level of discomfort. The gums and teeth will get scaling and root planning performed to the affected area to eliminate bacteria. Diseased tissues are also removed from the mouth while healthy tissues remain in the mouth unharmed.

Osseous Surgery

This surgery is performed on patients with more severe cases of gum disease. It can also be used when scaling and root planing has not rendered effective results, requiring more invasive treatment. Osseous surgery lifts the gums to expose the roots of teeth and the bone surrounding them. From there, the affected tissues can be treated and smoothened, so they do not collect further bacteria.


Once treatment has been completed, patients must keep their oral health in supreme condition. Your dentist will also monitor your health through routine cleanings, or periodontal maintenance. During these visits, any tartar will be removed from the teeth and gums to keep them from developing gum disease once again. The pockets of the gums are checked, and methods are used to ensure that bacteria does not build up faster than it should.

Your oral health can be improved with periodontal treatment from Steven J. Feldman.

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